The End by Logan Reed

It is empty, it is quiet
Chaos, terror, riots
No one is there
No one seems to care
Do they even remember what is right?
What evil is, its always there to fight
The church stands forgotten
Peopleís hearts, now so rotten
Living in a world of sin
Only knowing where to begin
Since theyíve been going at their rate
It is now too late
Fire begins to fall
This is, the final call
As the fire will rain
Causing horrible neverending pain
Those on the right path
Will rise up, not feeling heavenís wrath
They remember and know him
Wishing they chose him
Wishing they hadnít been so dim
It is now to late to start over again
Because, this is the end
Iíll be here in heaven with my friends
Hoping a light to someone will send
To you, to you, before its to late,
To avoid this fate

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