A Scholar from a World of Darkness by Logan Reed

In a world this bad
A world so sad
Children alone
Parents gone

Broken promises, broken dreams
Life as we know it, tearing at the seams
Terror screams
Hope and faith can not be redeemed

So many lies
Only so many tries
No real reason to die
But every reason to cry

Only so many tears
For all the worlds fears
What once was good has been smeared
With the sins of mankind so clear

Manís heart turned black
I donít know if we can go back
All hopes have slipped through
Canít tell what is a lie and what is true

Why do people wait?
On their so called fate
Things and history just happen again
Is this the only reason that people need something to believe in?

People need someone or something to cast their troubles away
Someone to take away debts unpaid
They think they have it made
Going on their own personal crusade

Something goes wrong, somewhere to cast the blame
Trying to tell that he is the one to blame
Only wanting when their in need
They only live for their own pitiful greed

There ones are the fools of men
The sad thing is, theyíll do it again
Each day they pile up in sin
On the right path they should begin

Hypocrites and liars
The worldís morals ever so dire
The world is headed for that endless fire
Whether ours or gods, still and endless fire

But now continue to dream of peace
Dream, dream until time will cease
Continue acting so cool
But in the end youíll realize youíre a fool

All the strains of life
All the pain in life
The path the whole time should be so plain
Darkness or light which shall reign

Fools will deny
Unless itís in front of their eyes
Will they come to terms before they die?
Then it will be to late, the tears of a sealed fate, they cry

Yet they continue on leading others to the eternal abyss
They took a swing at fate and struck a miss
Their souls they sell
Just for their personal trinkets they are bound to hell

With manís soul so unpure
Will there ever be a cure
How can people be so sure?
That their future is secure

What fools of themselves they make
For godís sake
Why do they repeat past mistakes
There honor is either dead or fake

You may make promise, vows, swears
Without thought, without care
But when the payday comes
You wonít be able to run

Dreams and hope are just human ideas and thought
No results to be brought
Unless one stands up, and reveals their spark
To be a light of hope in the dark

Someone must stand up and reveal their heart
So the peace and happiness will finally start
Someone has to be there
To protect the weak and the scared

Believe whatís right
Be the light
Share your sight
Be truthful in every fight

Hope must not be laid down to die
You must live, you must try
It may not be just a dream
It may not be what it seems

The world is here
Although the times so dear
People filled with fear
Purpose of life, now so unclear

Donít linger in the past
Things always seem to go by so fast
Changing of ways
It seems to happen everyday

Donít worry of whatís ahead
Or youíll spend your life filled with dread
Because youíll regret it the day on your death bed
Wishing you had listened to what I had said

Live for the day
And live your own way
No matter what others will say
Donít hesitate, go and do not stray

There are in the times we live in
People fearing their inevitable end
Fearing each thing coming around the bend
Scared of the mysterious voices in the wind

Youíll just have to continue on as best
And forget the rest
Take your own path
Fear no manís wrath

There are the days of our lives
In the times we strive
Even if were broken and sore
We still somehow get up and ask for more

Even with the pain
The strain
We work for our own personal gain

Here I am
I donít give a damn
Iíll live for the day
Iíll live for the times.

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