A Teenagers Rant by Tortured Soul

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Let me be
Let me stay
I won't let anyone take me away
Moved to much
Can't stand the pain
There's nothing left to gain

I will not move
You cannot make me
This is not your life for the taking
I wll not go

You drive me crazy
I've moved to much
To move again
I will not leave my friends behind
I've finally found a way to fit in
I've had to leave to much behind

My friends, my family, my whole life.
It has all changed so much
Its changed so much
So many new friends
Old ones lost
Now these My friendships may not survive
I knew it was all to good to be true

Going crazy, Can't see straight
I will not move again
Just leave me behind
I can't stand you moving me anymore
You destroyed my life
I will not move
I will not go.