Nightmare by Nicole Ann

I can't take this
Screaming in my ears
Sound of an engine
Now he's switching gears
I hear sirens screaming
Won't see him again
Police at the door
Just don't let them in
He hit 90 quickly
Didn't see the car
Didn't have a seatbelt
They were thrown afar
Now at the hospital
Both are deadly still
Both are barely breathing
Wasn't meant to kill
Parents reminiscing
Of their younger days
Funerals are chilling
People in a haze
Tears are shed in sadness
Broken hearts surround
Everyone is crying
Sadness all around
I slowly awaken
From last night's nightmare
I sneak down the hallway
To make sure he's there
He slowly rolls over
In his sleep so deep
I proceed to my bed
And return to sleep

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