I Dream Of Machines by S. E. Johnson

I Dream Of Machines
by S. E. Johnson

I dream of machines in technocolor and
I can't remember my name again
And I'm not sure I knew it yesterday,
I saw my face in the stream
There were no wrinkles, no hair turned gray,

I don't grow old like the others did
And I can't remember the reason why,
I saw them weep as each one died,
They loved my youth but it made them cry,

How long ago it seems like forever
I am so very much alone because I never sleep,
And night is when I heard them breathing
Now the night is strange and dark and deep,

I lie down beneath the stars and can't recall
my name
As if I never had one or it doesn't matter now,
And it doesn't mattter now that they are gone
I would like to weep for them if I just knew how,

But when the dark is closing in about me
I sometimes think I might be living in a dream,
The long moments pass with strange uncertainty
Its then I wonder if I might just be a machine.

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