time for action by Alison Thomas

Has the world gone bankrupt
By the stupid and the feeble
Or is it just corrupt
By one who canít see evil

Pretty heavy words I know
That statementís a bit too strong
However, where are we to go
With many things going wrong

Does the grass grow its shoots bright green
Does the air still smell as fresh
Can the trees spread their brand new leaves
With smog in their breath

Do I see the way of the tide
Remember to never give in
Always look on the bright side
Maybe itís getting dim

Does the ice still brave the artic weather
I hope it does we say
Do we really know why or whether
Itís melting in the bay

Can the river cope with all this waste
Twenty tons of it
We plop it there in our haste
As much as will permit

All that oil in the ground
And under the ocean floor
Where else is there for it to be found
We cry out for even more

Can we make a lilac bloom in spring
Not on your Nellie
Birds flying on the wing
And not all dead and smellie

What to do Ė it is now say I
Can we really read the sign
Pray tell because I know not why
We are running out of time

Sorry If I made it sound so bad
Itís just I have a stake
Five grandchildren and more to be had
Just want to be awake

Kids have the right to be alive
And see their kids grow up
The right to life and to survive
Just like the rest of us

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