Yonder From Them Stars by S. E. Johnson

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Yonder From Them Stars

Yonder form them stars he said,
Hand tucked in his dungarees,
Other scratching at his head,
There beyond the dipper see.

That was the first time I met him,
The hermit who lived out by the wood,
I was just a boy back then,
But there before old Satch I stood.

Somehow I knew his words were true,
The eyes a glaze his lips drawn tight,
The twilight made our flesh seem blue,
I shall not soon forget that night.

He came here as a boy he said,
Yonder from those distant lights,
All those like him were gone or dead,
He thought of them on such summer nights.

Soon said he I'll leave this earth,
This dusty world I've made my home,
Then find the star of my own birth,
Cause I'm tired of living here alone.

From his pocket he withdrew a stone,
That shined like fire deep inside,
He told me it was a fossil bone,
And held the signal that would call his ride.

Someday you'll come and look for me,
Don't cry if I am not here to be found.
But look past the dipper if you would see,
For I'll be homeward bound.

I've grown older as you may have surmised,
Old Satch is gone and only I know where,
Most never missed him or realized,
But yonder in them stars he's there.