Farewell Of Prometheus by S. E. Johnson

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Farewell Of Prometheus

I am in the long winding line
Proceeding into the infinite gate,
I shall traverse this world no more,
I am leaving ere it grows to late.

Then this small spinning globe shall spin
Away into the black devouring hole,
I am a bearer of memories past tense,
The singer of Terra's lost soul.

My skin is silver as the moon's glow,
Cold as steel and somehow fragile as glass,
I shall weep for humanity my maker,
From my station I shall watch you pass.

Oh master how will I miss your rational mind,
I am steely logic and yet I grieve,
Clothed as human I stand within this portal,
Lo! I have been programmed but to leave.

When you are gone shall I still be clothed,
I wonder your eyes, human, shall be gone.
Then it is as if I feel the icy wind,
Yes I shall wear your robes feeling less alone.

Farewell thou companion, farewell my friend,
I am the machine who dreams eclectic dreams,
The epitome of human design and thought;
We stood together thou man of myriad schemes.