Mr. Metaluna Grieves by S. E. Johnson

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Mr. Metaluna Grieves

by S.E. Johnson

Judge Pearlman made his decree today,
He said,"Mr. Metaluna you can not stay,
You are not human its plain to see,
There is no place for you or me."

Professor Krupp ceased to be,
I'm just a robot don't you see.
Though he left this home for me to dwell,
I'm told his children want to sell.

So I must be off to find my way,
To seek the place where robots stay,
Perhaps across the glimmering sea,
Where stars will make some room for me.

Professor Krupp I miss you so,
Not just because theres no place to go,
But something else I can't explain,
A lonesomeness that brings me pain.

How that is I cannot tell you why.
If a robot could I would wish to die.
How strange it is to feel this way,
To want to go and want to stay.