Ramble Number 4 by Gregory Harvey

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I'm imagining a tradgedy that has already happened.
I'm predicting a victory that is yet to take place.
In observing the hurting that is all around me
I know the only consoling is in my own dreamscape.
Yet a life devoid of humanity
is devoid of sanity
and if insanity reigns than inhumanity gains.
But if I sacrifice my self in an attempt to help I'm afraid that the reality will destroy my morality and its futile when everyon'es a docile imbecile
looking for cheap kicks and thrills.
Got time to kill?
Then spend a second to reckon with your perception of heaven
and if you're not going there seek out all that's unfair and share what you've earned
and what you've learned
to correct the unjust.
These problems of trust are destroying us.