Zeppelins Of Doom by S. E. Johnson

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Zeppelins Of Doom

By S.E. Johnson

The zeppelin drifted out across the clouds
Like whispers it floated and I was standing
When it fell on the city and died,

Flames of fire were all about with burning men
Those with flames spread there arms and flew
They were sparks in the night sky,

Swirling higher and I was standing, watching
Embers glowing fell to earth and winked out
The wind caught the ashes and cast them away,

I awoke and my face was wet like dew
My keepers have come for me and I must leave
To my towers and my pictures of zeppelins,

And my men on fire with red wings and no eyes,
No eyes at all and I must see for them
See the painted fiery sky, the zeppelin of doom,

Curses, why did my pencil brake at dawn again
They have taken all my pencils away
I see the broken lead within my arms, they are hid.