The Moon Had Eyes by S. E. Johnson

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The Moon Had Eyes

S.E. Johnson

I did not know the Moon had eyes,
Staring in adoration at the Earth,
The full intent unknown of mere men,
None the less calculating our worth.

Still and steady through the eons,
Electric vision from beyond the sun,
Lost in cosmic thought and pondering,
Long before our life had begun.

I was the one who found them first,
They looked at me with curiousity,
And I knew they were ancient,
At that instant arose the possibilities.

The myriad wonders of our sister moon,
Secrets she kept through ages on,
There deep beneath the dust of time,
The lost great eyes we came upon.

In the ancient times of old they came,
Watching from a far and distant place,
We slept against the gaze of Luna,
Trusting in her softly glowing face.

Where are they now I wonder still,
These who searched our burnished skies,
Perhaps grown tired of watching us,
For we never knew the Moon had eyes.