Darkness & Beyond by Logan Reed

Make the call,
to end it all.
No more contraversy of what is wrong, what is right,
eternal darkness taking your sight.
Out of breath,
embracing death.
No use to try,
I know it's to late, im going to die.
No use for recollections,
there are no exceptions.
Blood runs cold,
things have gotten so old.
All the cards played,
as life fades,
forgetting all the friends and enemies made.
Because it's to late to trade,
to late for thigns to be changed,
to late for other things to claim,
to late to lay the blame,
no use to try to use your so-called fame.
Either you will go to the light,
where there will be no need to fight,
no reason to argue over what is right.
Eternal peace,
where evil has ceased.
Or if you lived a life of sin,
your torture will begin,
and never end,
no more prayers to send,
nothing but painful toture is around the bend.
Dark as night,
always trying to fight,
to try to soothe the endless pain,
as the flames of Hell rain.
All I hope is that you choose the right path,
before the end, before Heaven's wrath.
So open your eyes before it's to late,
so you will not have to succumb to this horrible fate.

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