Dialogues with Sky by Michael de Waal-Montgomery

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How lonely is the sky
And does it share our worries?
Does pride and shame and wrath
Weigh down our abstract brother?
And does it have our longings?
Of lust and fear and greed?

In God I found no answers
The silence falling heavy
But land it not on me
For sky and I donít worry.

In deep absurd reflection
Does truth seek its salvation
In chasm after chasm
Does royalty question sky
On mindless paths alone
Does one questions his brother
And lad Iíll have you know
In me youíll find no other.

But what conspiracies
Await you now?
What fields of dreams
Willíst thou occupy?
And in thy sleep
Willíst thou cry?
You think you die
Itís all a lie
Oh lad I tell you
Itís all a lie.