Brooklyn Rebels by Mahendra Dhammika

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Brooklyn Rebels

In 1775, American Revolution just began
British were invading America to capture Colonies
America was under conrol till the rise of the Revolution
Americans need to be independent, the need rised higher
It wasn't easy as British got their army in Colonies
But the youngsters in Brooklyn never thought like that
Brooklyn, the famous borough of New York
Was plotting against the British army
"Brooklyn Rebels" they called themselves
Managed to attack british anonymously
British Colony General wasn't too harsh
As he thought it's kids' work against tanks
It was too late when he realized he's wrong
Brooklyn Rebels' work is enough to convince Washington
Washington realized that he should do something
He called American Generals, talked with them
Planned with them and came to a conclusion
"Tolerance is enough. We should stand against them"
They were thinking about a Revolution
A Revolution which changed the world

Not too long ago after 1775
In 1776, a nameless writer wrote
"The Battle of the Brooklyn"
There he presented G.Washington and his co
As drunks, lechers, cowards and many more
It didn't do any harm
As many wrote against the British
Showing that Washington is a patriot
America was free finally
Thanks to "Brooklyn Rebels" and patriots