The many thoughts and faces of the multi coloured magic man from the land of wonderings by Karl Cross

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I can't keep laughing at this joke,
Life seems tired and broke,
I run off for a think and a smoke,
Some dude came up,said he was a bloke,
One of those troubled, simple folk,
Looked more like a clown to me,
But we'll wait and see,
Whatever will come will be,
I'll just walk across that empty sea,
I swore that i would never turn,
Perhaps you'd called that freezer burn,
Maybe i'll never learn,
Thats not really you're concern,
A girl said she knew my name,
I said "girl get out of my frame"
She said that we were both the same,
I said "honey,this ain't a game"
I told her to just float on by,
Never wonder why,
Don't vaguely sigh,
I could't be bothered to cry,
Just let out a grin,
Even when life begins to spin,
Just wrap your self in tin,
Can't live with skin thats always stuck that thin