Those three little words ... by Nathan Atkinson

The poem I wrote to my ex. First attempt at poetry.

Those three little words

Every minute I dream of you,
Dreams that we'll soon be together,
Every night I have quietly said to myself,
Those three little words that could move mighty mountains,
Every night before I go to sleep, I say,
I love you

The first day I met you, so happy you made me,
It felt like I had known you all my life,
Hours we talked and hours we laughed,
Thanking the lord that we had met,
And forever I was in his debt,
And quietly I thought to myself those three little words,
I love you

The first day we kissed sent a shiver up my spine,
It made me so happy, happy as a child, as if I was nine,
I rode up the hill, looking back one last time at your smiling face,
As my insides jumped with joy,
While three little words echoed back in my mind,
I love you

For the rest of the week, I thought only of you,
Your beautiful face, your laughter too,
I could not stop thinking until the day I saw you again,
Only then was I happy, only then was I sane,
But still three little words were on the tip of my tongue,
I love you

Another memory comes flooding back,
It too reigns forever in my dreams,
The day when we were finally alone,
And gently I whispered into your uncovered ear,
Those three little words that could move mighty mountains,
I love you

And now one year has finally passed,
And soon we'll be together, oh at last,
Things may come and go,
But my feelings will always remain the same,
For as I say these three little words I want you to know,
I love you

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