Sky Ship Captain by S. E. Johnson

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Sky Ship Captain

S.E. Johnson

Yonder comes the sky ship captain,
He braids his hair with gold,
His hands are at the cloudy helm,
His face is stern and bold.

His ship is in the bluest sea,
The hull is thick lace and silver lined,
And if you should stare long after it,
Tis said you shall go blind.

The captain comes for those who sleep,
Neath the stars on the dewy eve,
And sons and husbands caught away,
Leave wives and mothers behind to grieve.

O' Captain do not take those lads,
Who ne'er have known the power of love,
For a man should not see heaven's steel,
If never a heart did he prove.

The ship has parted the clouds of night,
Too late to wake the sleeping souls,
Drawn up to the deck of silver galleon,
As out on the stars she rolls and rolls and rolls.