Writer's Bane by . Crystalwizard

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Twas a dark and stormy
night, you know, like all the other nights.

I sat in pj's at my desk,
Just setting out to write.

A shot rang out, well maybe not,
A horseman did arrive.

That's trite! Contrived! I just can't think!
I have this awful head.

An ache that beats around the brows,
and makes me feel some dread.

Perhaps a different starting line,
A sunny ocean beach.
Or maybe it should be inspired by those who
try to teach.

"Oh I don't know!"
I shout out loud,

Then stiffly leaning back...

I hear a muffled creaking sound and suddenly,
A crack!

The chair gives way!

I hit the floor!

Oh ow, my aching head!

I'm giving up, turning out the light,
And going back to bed!