Upon his Malacious Throne by Justin Thomas Squires

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Such an enticing place
It is not this world who is corrupt
It is you
I say these words to myself
Not once lacking truth
Keys are not crafted
and given out lightly
Keys are formed inside
Will power spites me
Rejects me

It is not this world
but my own
my mind sits upon a malicious throne
Blinded by Ill willed
concepts of none
Cancer will find you
Before life is done
But never does take me
Cause my life is none

I want to share this life
one step creates a quarrelling strife
Another war is sighted out
Clear my mind of doubt
Will clearly take an army my own
strength, and will power alone
You craft your own key in the end

I thought I told you that
Maybe thatís whatís wrong with you
My simple minded friend

But donít forget, life is beautiful.
You make it ugly.
But donít digress
You can make it fit
to your OWN best

Donít give up
never will I
I want this completely
as I stare at the dead sky

-Justin Thomas Squires
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