Firefall by Keith Kitchen

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It's five-thirty,
Nearly launching time.
To fly to the sky.

A Fire blasts us
Into the sky,
It's not necessary
to ask why.

We only know
That we're high
In the sky.

Settled into orbit
Captain reports all nominal.
Someone shouts they see something
Maybe we'll see a meteor fall.

The Captain says there's something unknown
Racing quickly towards us.
Closing, how mysterious,
Yes, there it is at one o'clock.

Something has captured our ship,
We're being towed deep into space.
Who, why, how? It doesn't matter.
We shouldn't be this deep in space.

Whoever they were they placed us
On a strange, empty planet.
Their only message said we would survive.
They should have known that wouldn't calm us.

We'll repair our ship,
Somehow we'll go home.
We are bright, we are intelligent.
Somehow we'll make it home.

Now, we're rising into space,
We are heading home.
We are travelling so very fast,
We are going home.

Last night about eight o'clock,
There was a firefall.
A great starship dying.
It lost power at the edge of the sky.

Now, we have made it home,
In a manner we never expected.
Through the firefall we changed.
And then our souls projected.