Shadow in the Shade by LaTricia Clark

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I go through life unknown.
In and out I fade,
Barely in existence,
Like a shadow in the shade.

To the world I am anonymous,
Like a gentle moving breeze.
You cannot truly see it,
Just the waving of the trees.

Am I just in my imagination?
Am I really even here?
How can someone say they exist,
When all they do is disappear?

All I want is to be noticed.
In frustration Iíve tried to scream.
But itís just a distant echo
From a long forgotten dream.

I once thought that you could see me,
Feel me when Iím there,
But one day when I vanished,
You didnít seem to care.

My absence didnít faze you.
Had I faded out of time?
No, when I left I simply
Had faded from your mind

I thought it would be different.
In truth it was but worse.
I guess not even you
Could break my lonely curse

So I live my non-life,
In and out I fade,
Like a ghost amongst the living,
Like a shadow in the shade.