On To Centauri by Keith Kitchen

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Reaction drive, ignition,
All stations report clear.
The Moon is on the horizon.
Control says there is nothing to fear.

Onward through the dust
Aeons of space ahead.
Time to leave Earth's orbit.
Nothing more need be said.

On past Mars on his warrior's throne,
Past Jupiter's majesty
To Centauri!

Time to engage Ion drive,
Close to the speed of light.
Another step for the prestige of Man,
Stars begin to fade from sight.

Weeks fade into months,
Then pass into years.
Another grain of dust in space
Is lost to Mankind's tears.

Deceleration into normal space
We've reached our destination.
Our home sun's twin...there is nothing here!
We embark on a journey with no end.

Reaction drive, ignition,
All stations report clear
Dust and debris is all we see
Radar says there's nothing to fear.

Onward toward's the hyper limit,
Toward's the galaxy's majesty,
We travel towards infinity.