Demon In Disguise by Keith Kitchen

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I can see electronically,
I can scan through your disguise.
Speak not any falsehoods
For I can gaze through all your lies.

Nations quiver in fear of me
They can form no type of defense.
None of their secrets escape me
I possess an intuitive sense.

I was built a defensive weapon
I far surpassed my design.
Now, I control my makers,
On my enemies' flesh I dine.

I'm a robot, a construct,
A machine devised by man.
I was built to defend the civilized world
And never surrender while I stand.

Your armies flee before my eyes
And they die from my touch.
There is no defense, you designed me too well,
The best you can do is not enough.

I draw my power from the air around me,
My batteries will never die.
Give up your hopes, you insolent fools,
For soon even your souls shall be mine.

Go ahead and drop nuclear bombs on me,
It will be to no avail.
You can struggle until you are all dead
For your construction shall not fail.

Your technology has spawned me
With a brilliant set of lies,
I am perfect--Indestructable.
I am a Demon in disguise.