temporary relief by Kim Shea

I just can't explain it, the pain
it's always there.
Such a scary feeling, this feeling of despair.
I am empty, alone,crest fallen, and wondering,
like a dirty pirate, someone else's treasure
I've been plundering.
I try so hard to fight it,
hoping it will go away.
I said goodbye to mr. pain last night
he greets me again today.
I pray, it remains.
I cry, it remains.
Like a child with a toy, with my heart,
heartache plays.
A sick game of ripping and tearing,
killing every feeling.
Except despair.
Before too long, I am on my knees.
I can't shake it or surpress it
It overtakes my mind.
I descry a shadow of a bottle
dancing on the blinds.
My old buddy Jim.
Shot after shot until the poisin is gone.
Louder it plays-Hank Williams lonesome song.
My heart is pounding as it
rushes through my veins,
beating heartache at it's very sick game.
I look pain in the eyes I shoot despair in the head
the beast Hunter Thompson talks about
is 10 points ahead.
"Jesus, God almighty!"
I think that's what he said!
Please help me lord
relieve me of my grief!
Please help me now or I will change my beliefs!
I can't fight it anymore,
I pass out on the floor..
It's here I have found it!
Good morning sadness, sit down.

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