Butterflies, be Gone by Jenny McPhillips

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Oh butterflies have mercy, won't you please?
Upon my soul set free a calming breeze
on which your wings can soar so I can breathe;
give back to me the peace I chose, don't tease...

Be gone you flutter monsters, let me fly
along the ocean's surface, let me smell...
Oh Muse help me decipher, won't you tell
me what to do to keep my cheek bones dry.

I call the leaves to fall before my eyes...
Oh branches, please, send whispers down my way;
guide me once more through this, a stilted day,
appease my need to fall for this disguise.

Please shower me with rain to cleanse my mind,
absorb the madness, Sun, when time calls true;
my elements, I call on all of you,
for once again my heart has made me blind.

Oh glimmer of the winds I call upon,
I feel your strength amidst the butterflies,
yet still I feel ensnared, I'm bound and tied,
release me now, I beg you, make me strong.