Silver Lining by Jenny McPhillips

Your eyes defied my bitterness
Insisting I put down the past
Behind the blue, sweet mistiness
I saw your love was built to last
And yet a warning flag still waved
Be wary, do not move so fast

A heart or soul is like a rose
And must be treated with respect
If not, the grief will set its home
Within the depth of old regret
Beauteous flower holds the thorns
Which bleed the path of old neglect

A pretty picture is the rose
When first she blooms, her petals red
Yet sting she will if she is scorned
Or left upon another's bed
Her beauty will not last for long
If she's not watered, loved and fed

Beware the woman who grew strong
Betrayal helped her anger rise
And time engaged her inner self
To see the past beyond the lies
You heard the warnings, through my thoughts
The love still shone within your eyes

Your patience softly planted me
Within the surface of your skin
No pressure when you watered free
the sadness I had held within
so softly you would gently sow
until the day I let you in

a tree of strength stands tall today
to represent our ev'ry tear
this day our anniversary
the 25th of married years
your eyes drank in my tenderness
so grateful for our wondrous past
behind the blue, sweet mistiness
was born a love that grew to last

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