I stood under the moonlit sky Parvez Kamal by Parvez Kamal

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I stood under the moonlit sky
shivering in the cold
but my heart was warmed by the glow of the heavenly light
the majestic shooting stars lighting up the night sky
like the fireworks of Independence Day
I looked up in amazement and wondered
"Is Heaven so beautiful ??"

The dark trees in the distance silhouetted against the moonlight
reminds me of the scary forests of the fairy tales
where the princess is lost,
feverishly searching for her prince
As I stand in the cold I also long for a princess
whom I can hold tightly in my arms
and absorb the warmth from her body
and feel her heartbeat
and make her feel what I feel
I wonder "Is there so much love in heaven ??"

As I enjoy the surreal beauty all around me
I am transported back to last winter
The night I spent in the log cabin
In the middle of the woods
I long to go back – I can imagine myself sitting on the porch
bathed in the soft moonlight
music of Kenny G playing in the background
maybe a glass of Jack Daniels in my hand
I wonder “Is there as much happiness in Heaven ??”

As the shimmering light makes me dreamy eyed
I look back to my yesteryears
The memories of long lost love suddenly gushes forth through the floodgates that I so vehemently keep closed
I am no longer myself - but the eighteen year old fool
A fool madly in love
walking on the white sands with the girl of my dreams
the sands sparkle like diamonds in the moonlight
the splashing waves sounds like trumpets – announcing our love
I long to take that walk again
I long to hold her hands again
I long to grasp her in my arms again
I long to kiss her lips again
I wonder “ Will she be waiting for me in heaven ??”