Winter Twiglight by Parvez Kamal

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Winter Twilight

Do you remember the winter twilight;
When we were standing on the banks of “Balu Nodi” ?
As the sun was setting on the distant horizon
Your face was glowing in the bright orange,yellow,crimson, red light of the
dying star
The radiance from your eyes – what was in there ? Undying love for me ?
Or was it a lost gaze; of heartache and sadness that keeps you awake at night ?
I look away from your piercing eyes
Blinded by the golden fields of “Sorshe ful”
Darkness descends all around us; the shimmering fog of a winter evening
Surrounds us; hiding us from this world; gently placing us in a cocoon
I hold you face in my palms; you look up at the sky and you smile
And you exclaim “Look !! The Moon !!”
The setting sun and the rising moon; playing a duet of lights on the dancing waves like a
What a beautiful and amazing sight it was to behold; implanted in my memory forever
Whenever I listen to Happy Akhond’s “Sondha” the memories gushes back like tsunami
Tearing at my heart, at my soul, at my being
And I long to go back to that Winter Twilight