Some Clouds Linger by Diron Bates

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Some Clouds Linger

"Poor child, please stay strong,
clouds shall never linger long,"
no prayers to say no hymns or songs
"...mother wanted to leave this world."
Sympathetic smiles, whispered words,
spoken softly always heard,
"has the thought ever occured,
that she was never a selfish girl?
Love her dearly in your heart
let no one draw you apart.
I see the pain, don't let it start,
...mother wanted to leave this world."
"How'd she do it?"
"Please don't ask."
"Whispers said her wrists were...slashed."
He has such a troubled past,
sin will come with wings unfurled.
As his life turns page by page,
pain shall never flee with age
instead it grows along with rage,
"What a selfish...selfish girl..."