In the Eyes of a Lonely Child by Diron Bates

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In the Eyes of a Lonely Child

Stare deeply into his eyes.
Realize, the pain therein that lies,
in the eyes of a lonely child.
Seldom smiles,
often fights.
Life of grief and sleepless nights.
In the future lies no lights,
only darkness, lonely child.
Has he ever seen the sun?
God in heaven here he comes
with drugs inhaled inside his lungs.
Nowhere to run, my lonely child.
High and drunk on alcohol,
phone on hold that takes no calls
he seldom slips but often falls. Beg forgiveness, lonely child.
Father there but always gone,
never caring what he's on.
From his problems he tries to run and grabs the gun this lonely child.
Why must death come by his hand?
No one, no one understands.
"Why'd he do it?" they demand.
"He was such a well loved child."
Closed coffin
like his eyes.
No one screams, no one cries.
No one sees therein that lies,
that he was just a lonely child.