Second Place In Your Heart by Mike McWade

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I remember the day our race started
the look in your eyes,the way your lips parted
The gun went off and you set the pace
But it seemed that I was the tortise this race

Your firey love burned through my soul
and I dutifly acted and fufilled my role
YOu loved me so fast I couldn't keep up
I tried but at the finish you took the cup

Many have come and joined in our meet
And all of them seemed to have quicker feet
For although Iv'e been here from the very start
I realize now I'm always second place in your heart

I can't really blame you, theres always someone new
And you push out others to make room for the few
You have a lot of love but only so much to share
I guess I should be grateful I was always in there

I probably should have dropped out of this race you know
But I've been running so long I don't think I can go
But here is the reason if we should ever part
I just cant go on as second place in your heart