Seven Deadly Sins of Earth by S. E. Johnson

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Seven Deadly Sins of Earth

Because we felt we were unique,
We took no thought of them,
Day unto day we lived out our lives,
And that was our first sin.

We failed to see the darkening skies,
Like fools we watched the cosmic blue,
Not recognizing what drew near,
And that was sin number two.

The Earth was ours we'd grown fat,
We gloated that all men were free,
After all we could not be enslaved,
And that was number three.

We made a shield around our world,
Like nothing men had made before,
Safe we felt behind our walls,
That was sin number four.

Then at last there came the hoard,
Like insects from a hive,
We thought we must negotiate,
And that was sin number five.

When we saw at last that we must fight,
We had forgotten all the tricks,
Resting on our great technology,
That sin was number six.

The historians will most surely write,
They failed to use what they were given,
When it came to sacrificing their own lives,
Twas counted number seven.