Bullseye Bill, The Run Around Thrill by Eric Butler

Bill was a bastard
Who looked for a father figure
One was a pimp, the other a gambler,
And the last one a killer

Everwhere he traveled
He brought his loving cat Jade
He grew up to be a parasite
And a ladies companion by trade

Short, tall, skinny, or fat
If you were a lady in need of company
You knew where Bill was at

Not the most attractive of men
But he definitely had some skill
And that's why the ladies all call him
The talented Bullseye Bill

Be cautious when you meet him
he's overflowing with vice
he's a liar, and a cheat
And you wouldn't spit on him twice

You can always spot Bill
If he's sleazing around the bar
He wears a green suit that's tattered
And smokes cheap cigars

You'll always find Jade
Sneaking around him somewhere
And you'll hear his constant sneezing
For he's allergic to cat hair

But he'd never get rid of his only true friend
deep inside he's still just a kid
And a bastard till the end

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