Seed Of Laughter by Eric Butler

Tell me now
What do you need to feel like god
I'm the only one
Who can feed your memory
Trust in the will
And bring back the sun
Make the choice and move your peices
I am the only one
Who can see your misery

Life can't you see
In the midst of day
Your own swarming shadow
Take me above again
So that I may reach with my hand
Open the sky
And make me hear your song

Heal me now
It is the seed of laughter
Feel of doubt is man
And it's overwhelming me
So the night has turned
Into a red flamed dawn
Is there anyone else who can see what I hunt now

I can truly see now
That I'm not dreaming
I have found a fate that is so much more me
I didn't know that I could hear the answer
It's been witheld from our true selfs
And our destiny

Play one tune
For your own massacre
Destroy the land
Destroy the sea
Release the two last symbols of your anger
It's time now
To see the child smile
And change the wind forever

Now shed your tear
It is the seed of laughter
And take the hands
Of another loved one
Make it fear
And make sure it's the right one
And twist it to dust and ecstasy

Hear it now
Born from the seed of laughter
It's all but time to finally feel what he first thought
Make them wish again
They're all but missing
And thank them all
For quite a gift
To simple beings

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