The Three Stars by Eric Butler

Before we were adults
Most of us had two friends
And when the three were together
We said the connection would never end

And although for some
We found that life would let that fade
But for one boy, and two girls
A blood pact had been made

If there was life without rules
You would have the three stars
You would be happy
And stress free
And have left your share of scars

Together since childhood
And never were there others
All they would need were the three
Not even fathers or mothers

They decided long ago
To care not for the rules of man
Instead do what they please
Till the last drop of sand

You will always get the intorduction
Of Mary, Sarah, and John
All three the same age
And almost always get along

If there was a life without law
You would have the three stars
There would be fun
And there would be passion
And you would bring fear to every bar

The three were given their name
From the marks on their skin
And if three stars align
Your night and fears are about to begin

Sarah is a spectecal
Of words and of movement
There is no one she won't talk to
But be midful of your involvment

She's the sweet, sultry siren
With an intoxicating voice
She's as sick as she is crafty
And every man's choice

Mary is the quiet one
Such a mystery, and so beautiful
She quicker to draw blood
Than she is to hear and earfull

She has such a presence
When eyes dare to be upon her
You still can't believe
That she is sin's second daughter

John is the one
Who gazes from afar
He is the guardian
And the protector
The pure devil of the three stars

He's never been above
Speaking his voice and enjoying his time
One snap from Mary or Sarah
And he'll kill before the drop of a dime

If there was a life without consequences
We would all be the three stars
We would be children
And insane
And no god would be in charge

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