Purgatory by Christina McClernon

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On a charcoal mirror
Black with time
Up on wine wood shelves
Do you remember the circus?
And the caracal?
And the gilt-edged unicorns?
Like tapestries in a dusty bedroom
I remember
It smells like dust
And rot
And regrets whispered in the mirrors

There are children here
Running through the shadowed halls
Ought I not run too?
Dancing in frayed silks
They have no feet
And faces painted on the air
Arenít fooling anyone

I dreamt once
And once again
Echoes reflected in the mirror
And nothing more
Dust dancing in the halls
Silk and streaming hair
And children
And shades of children

Do you remember the circus?
And the caracal?
We danced round and round
We were lovers then
And almost friends
And children
And there we ran through shadowed halls together

Echoes turn to melody
Melody to song
And I to dust
And the children
Red mouthed, hungry mouthed
Dance through the halls
On feet of glass
Run though the rooms
Jump through the mirrors
In between my fingers
And I remember
When this almost wasnít Purgatory