Jester And His Amazing Kinchories by Eric Butler

As far as people can remeber
He was one of the originals
the theatrical show master
The most sadistic of all criminals

He rarely spoke a word
and gestured with hand signals
He traveled with women companions
They were his truly devoted sentinels

They were usually over the top
And prone to acrobatics
They made a name for themselves
With their psychotic, brutal tactics

They donned red harlyquin suits
and the face of a clown
The last thing you want to do
In insult them with your frown

They could send shivers through the spine
With their undeniable laugh
And if you heard it - you were dying
And suffering till the very last

They are legends of the past
Carved out of blood and fatal glories
Ladies and gentlemen my I present
Jester and his amazing Kinchories

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