Group 44 by Eric Butler

They are the final authority
The last remaining force
They are policemen, soldiers, and fireman
They are group 44

This motley militia
Thier head filled with hate
When it comes to law and order
The time is never too late
They always do the job
No matter what the stakes
They'll have justice one way or the other
No matter what it takes

Although not corrupt
They are a litle bit insane
Very gung-ho and roughneck
But to them it's all the same

They answer to no one
This band of ill-gotten brothers
Experiencing so much hardship
It's amazing what a person discovers

They all lost their sons
Their daughters and their wives
The scum took away their home
And they'll pay with their lives

They all preach the same oath
The suffering of the innocent will be no more
They are the judge, and the jury
They are Group 44

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