Walk The Sand In The Falling Sun by Eric Butler

This is not the first time
I've walked this beach
For most of us, it seems
There is something about the ocean
That gives us some sort of serenity
That washes up with every wave

It's childish I suppose
Yet at the same time
It has always soothed my nerves
The time I choose to walk is dusk
I guess it gives me the feel as
If I am in a film I have seen before
Taking me away from my worries and hardship
Becoming a shadow to the falling sun

The quiet only strengthens my mind
Giving me more power to feed my depression
The same self abuse that makes a lonley lover
Even more alone
I keep walking
Regardless of my back and forth battle of emotions
As I walk
I look ahead down this sheer painting by god's hand
I can see a small rock formation in the sand
I sight which is not unfamiliar to my eyes
However this time I see a figure sitting upon the rocks

With the sun in my eyes it is nothing but a dark sillouette
I find myself quickening my pace
Ever so slightly to solve this mystery
As I come upon the figure it takes the shape of a woman
My interest becomes intrigued
Not only by her presence, but from the whimpering
This beautiful creature was dressed in a white gown
Tears falling from her face in a slow but forceful fall

If I two of three humans
I might have passed her by
Mining my own buisness
And caring only for the troubles of my own
However something compelled me to ask her what ailed her
I felt it a need as if I knew this woman personally
I stopped and approached ever so slightly
As if approaching a frightened animal
Not wanting to scare it

What failing have you come upon
That would make such a beauty wheep and lament
She lifted her head not even bothering to wipe the tears
Telling me of a loved one that upset her so

He is everything that I am
My only true connection
All of this world's amazment
Has been brought to me by him
I am his guardian and his watcher
I feel everything that he lives
And his life at this hour
Is filled with sadness, and regret

I enquired to her with the best of my knowledged
And asked if he knew how upset he had made her
She replied with almost a smile and love in her heart
He does not know me

He is my life upon this ground
We are joined by a connection
I watch over him as a silent mother
Never revealing myself to his soul
Latley he has been making us sad
Not even thinking about all the wonderful things in his exsistence

I worry about him so
Wishing I could just whisper in his ear
That this gift of life he has been given
Will come with trials and tribulations
But he must not astray
And he must not give in
I've seen potential in him that even he is not aware
To let such a beautiful force be wasted
With troubles he has strength to overcome
Feeds my tears and lowers my spirits

She took me by the hand
Her touch filled me with a form of euphoria
She said he must remember love
And the feeling of friendship
He must believe in his abilities
And must never deny them
He must be everything I know he can be
And when he does
Both of our souls will lite so bright
That the stars will see them

She let go of my hand
And walked down the beach
I watched her till she was yet again just a form
And with a tear in my eye and warmth again in my heart
I whispered two words

I will

After all
How could I be the one
To make my guardian angel cry

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