Remembering The Iceman by S. E. Johnson

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Remembering The Iceman

Staring out the the dirty window,
Down the empty summer street,
Listening for the bells on the harness,
The sound of the horses feet.

Somewhere sometime comes the past,
The days gone away and faded,
The slower days of a lifetime ago.
When all the dead men waited.

Remembering how he gathered near,
The ice wagon belched its fresh breath,
Then the burly man who smelled of wood,
Bore the ice unto his tragic death.

Once long ago we watched iceman,
Then it was the day of the refrigerator,
He came no more to our house,
On that day I felt so much the betrayer.

Remembering the iceman I feel cold,
Cold for the chill of ice and cold at heart,
I never new his name you know,
But I recall his smile and the ice cart.

I am ancient today and cold as the iceman,
A robot brings my synthetic meals on wheels,
I am retired my job is obselete,
Finally I know how the iceman feels.