Awaken by Josie Bryant


At first glance
I thought there might be a chance
I took a step closer to see
What might be.
I looked deep inside you only to find,
Myself becoming blind
Black became white
What was wrong became right.
Your soft voices made me weak
I forgot to what it is I seek.
Why did I feel so numb?
I asked this as I laid under your thumb.
The hunger grew inside me
I needed to be free.
I looked at you
I thought about what was true
Everything you gave me was dying
I realized you were lying
I smiled, your power was shaken
Because, I began to awaken.
I lifted the weight
Before it was to late
I spoke and made you sit
You cried and threw a fit
It became very clear
I had nothing to fear.
Threw everything you had spoken
You said I was broken
But all along it was you
I wash my hands, Iím threw.
You have no idea what you have done
You shouldnít look back and just run.
Things have been released
Since this partnership is deceased.
You want me to stay
But Iím laughing as I walk away
Because you were the one that was mistaken
It is you that will be forsaken.

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