He by Solange Thomas

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The pain arrives with a slap in the face,
The shame and the fear puts me in my place,
With a kick to the stomach, I fall to my knees,
The pain is unbearable, I'm begging him please.

The tears start to fall as he shouts and he screams,
It's hard to believe he's the man of my dreams,
The bitter taste of blood on my lips,
I try to speak but my throat that he grips

Cannot cope with the pressure as I'm gasping for breath,
I think this is it, I'm moments from death.
But then just like that, he lets go of me,
My head hits the floor, I'm suddenly free.

He stands over me as I'm trying to breathe,
My death he does want, and will surely achieve,
He speaks to me then but I can't understand,
This angers him more so he stamps on my hand,

I beg and I plead, what did I do wrong?
I try to get up but he's incredibly strong,
I think of the baby as I lie on the floor,
But the kick to the stomach, baby no more.

Just to confirm I start to get pain,
The baby is gone, I wont be the same,
The grief and the loss as I look up at him,
His face is a mask, cold, evil and grim.

That's it now, I just want to die,
I feel so numb that I can't even cry,
Then quicky he reaches behind his back,
And pulls out a knife, the whole world goes black.