The Soul And The Seasons by Eric Butler

What is it,
About the wind flowing through a tree
The Leaves changing their colors
The sight of a snow covered forest
Or the first chill from a winter air
That gives us serenity
and a rush of good memories

Is it the remembrance of a feeling once felt
Is it merely the sheer beauty
That we all take for granted
Is it the closest feeling to the touch of god
That most of us will ever exsperience
Or is it the rebirth of a scene from our past

Give me a spring flower
And I'll tell you of a lovve that I shared
Give me a summer sun
And I'll tell you the meaning of family
Give me a winter's chill
And I"ll tell you the best time of the year

The bluest sky with flowing clouds
Can make the poorest man smile
And a dark soothing rain
Can sail you to a place of no trials

Next time you wish to surrender
Merely stop and look outdoors
Slowly breath
And close your eyes
And tell me what you remeber

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