I Miss You by Logan Reed

The days just aren't the same
I only want to have what i claim
and what I claim is you
i don't care what i have to do
as long as your with me
fools of the past may flee
no worry, i will never leave
Cause i think of you as much as I breathe
Your always on my mind
being whichever you are crazy or kind
because -hug- you are mine
Oh how i miss
everything from a word to a kiss
your love, your beautiful smile
your sweet voice, those pretty eyes
i love you
adn everything you do
i miss you
even though I know it won't be that long
befor i get to be with you again, i'll try to be strong
but a day without you is far to lon for me
i miss you,
and love you,
it won't be long til' i get to see
see you again, so for now i'll wait
i'll always wait,
no matter how long it takes
for my pretty girl.

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