My Pretty Girl by Logan Reed

I stand here in the darkness of my heart
with one light to help me start the day
it's always there, no matter if we are together or we are apart
but i want and need you with me, i prefer that way
to be able to hold you close to me
to hear that voice that makes me feel free
to look into your lovely eyes, that connect to mine
staring deep into them, they seem to shine
just speaking to you can be the peak of my day
with each word, it brightens my heart by what you say
now just wait love, my love
my beautiful angel from above
i hear a meow, i say a pleep
when you left, i did weep
but now as i speak with you
I count and mark off the days is what i do
until i get to be with you once more
this is the thing i want in store
you can send a shiver of love down my spine
when i hold you, love you, call you mine
oh how i love you,
my pretty girl.

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