Cloudy Day by Parvez Kamal by Parvez Kamal

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Why do I feel sad and depressed on a cloudy day ?
Why does the dark cold clouds tear at the strings of my heart ?
Why do they want to take me away on a unknown voyage far from here ?
Why do they bring those melancholy winds ?

I anguish in my meanigless existence and yearn to fly away on their wings;
I stand alone, with my eyes closed, and feel the strength of the winds;
sometimes it caresses my skin like the gentle touch of a mermaid;
and then suddennly whip me like a merciless mistress.
The winds softly whispers to me, beckons me to the promised land.
It whistles and blows and growls and screams.
It murmurs like a mountain stream; gushes like a geyser.
My whole being sways back and forth between despair and glee. I float and I sink.
I cry and I laugh. I cringe, clutching my clueless mind from wandering.

I remember standing on the top of a mountain in Darjeeling;
watching the clouds rush up the mountains from deep beneath the valley like a wild stallion
engulfing every nooks and crannies and the forest cover
suddennly surrounding me in a mist
a fog so deep that everything became silent
so thick that I feel completely alone
so moist that I can taste the water beads forming on your lips
and the urge in my blood to let go of every mundane possessions and just be free.

I feel weak, all my strength being sapped away by the devilish dark clouds
I can see the fiery cold eyes of the Satan in the cloud formation
And still I cannot avert my eyes away; there is a strange bond that I cannot ignore
These clouds play with my emotions like a wild roller coaster ride
at times lifting me to an all time high and then plunging me down to the depths
I wait impatiently for the clouds to depart and the sun to shine
But when the sun does smile I wish it disappeared behind a dark cold cloud !!!