These Four Walls by Michael James

These Four Walls

The candle light burning bright,
On the edge of morning light,
Reminds me of the stars at night,
I begin to feel like something is just not right,
As I look at the morning light,
I begin to fear that i am all to right...

For somehow I ended up inside a jail,
And could not remember much detail,
Till I remembered I was already in jail,
Cause I started to re-read my mail,
And started to remember just how long I have been in jail...

It was a dream,
Or so it would seem,
Cause I could have sworn I heard you scream,
But it was only an awful dream...

For as i look at these four walls,
My hope of freedom abdruptly falls,
As a cold and empty darkness slowly falls,
Across the cold gray surface of these four walls.

By: Michael A James 10-9-06

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