Arielle by Rob Queen

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What began on an isle so full of noises
The thousand titillating instruments which did
Hum, rise and soar in mine ears romance’d it
With the touch of the airy spirit parted the windowed doors
Brushing aside the curtains on gentle breeze
To reveal the beauty long lost at sea

Candles upon pedestals ranged about the space
Long rows in wide arcs wafting far up onto the drafts
The gray smoke that glows in the orange flame
As spirits danced about in her bronzed hair
And joy fluttered like the sprites with their wings
Gilded with phosphorescence of an Irish rainbow

Far below at the cliffs side sliding throughout
The gravel splitting the sand’s dunes
Rolled the waves which just yesterday
Ceased altogether. Their tide so high
That covered roads and covered bridge acted the
Part of asphalt bottoms to the poolside chairs

And upon this storm of devils and gods
Caliban and witches; contriving beside
This hand and that, my eyes and my heart
Filled with passion; hope and dreams. The enslaved
Soul, long lost in a tree; bound to remain till Prospero’s
Resolve; allowed once more, to roam forces Ariel to wait