42 Eyes by Rob Queen

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In a dark hole
In a darker pit
Where light won’t go
Where heat leaves quick
And the draining waters
Drip drip away
Far off away
So that the tunnel is dry
And the stone shivers
Like blue winter shivers
And your threadbare cap
Clings with its thin threads
To your stinging ears
Oh, my burning ears!
It drips the time
One drop at a time
And the ancient clambers
Up and down he goes
Watch him go
But forgot did I
You cannot see
His hairy legs
White like the stone
Lurching, arthritic
Healthy and scaly
Scamper, scamper spin
Bite the ends tie it off
Shiver once
Just this once
Then unspool the yarn
The monster was big
This time so very big
Weeks perhaps or months indeed
Time it took to fix the deed
The movement of the
Felonious sneed
As it lumbered away
Far away
To that dripping clock
How long ago?
He cannot tell in this dark
For too dark
To too blind
Forty-two eyes
Still cannot perceive